Empowering Widows Around the World

AshaCare seeks to empower individual widows to become economically self-sufficient, setting them up with equipment, support, skills training and advice.

  • We’re creating a safe platform for widow community to tell their stories, connect with others and raise support for the causes they believe in.
  • We are stronger when we face adversity together, and we know it.
  • We will continue with our twin-track approach of bringing both empirical evidence and necessary aid for the cause.

With you we can Change the world

Be The Cause For Hope


Give hope to Widows to become better again, leading and helping them discover and achieve a better life. To give voice and hope to these hopeless women for building back their life again and live independently.

Our Mission

Help Widows to be more VALUABLE rather than being VULNERABLE We help them in discovering their potentials, make them committed to life opportunities, and getting their dreams realized, fulfilled and achieved.


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World Runs Out of Time

To save our civilization, we must pay attention to many factors today. Otherwise, it will be too late.

We Hear Your Prayers

Join us this Sunday in a prayer for all people in the world and their peaceful life in future.

Hope and Change
Hope is the feeling that drives millions of human beings who do not have a home.